A history of excellence and quality

Being in C&G Kiel Italia means being part of a unique team, always projected towards new goals, in which people are the most important asset.
We have always aimed to offer the best in performance, aesthetics, durability and safety.

The Group

We are an integral part of the Kiel Group, the leading European manufacturer of armchairs and seats for public transport. In Italy, we have sustained large investments in research and development and in the control of the entire supply chain with the acquisition of the companies Botto.ro and C&C Poliuretani Italia, respectively specialized in the design, production and packaging of fabrics for the interiors of buses, planes, trains and ships and in the production of polyurethanes.

Sustainability,a commitment to the future

Our concern for the environment drives us to constantly improve both through the sustainable use of natural resources and the development of innovative materials and products that can be repaired and, at the end of their natural life cycle, recycled into their basic elements.

Trusted partners

Long-term, trust-based cooperation with our suppliers is the basis for our purchasing management and thus also for the production of our high-quality seats. We are convinced that the quality of our final product is directly influenced by the performance and reliability of our partners.

Corporate Vision and ethics

We share and recognize as fundamental values the legality, confidentiality, honesty and fairness, the enhancement and integrity of the person, the care and satisfaction of the customer, the creation of value and responsibility towards the community and absolute transparency.

Numbers Speak

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