Environment is Future

Our concern for the environment drives us to constantly improve

C&G Kiel Italia follows a model of sustainable development that protects the environment, people, and the territories in which it operates.This commitment is realized through major investments in the circular economy aimed at optimizing consumption and reducing waste, promoting recycling, and adopting strategies that allow the value of products to be maintained longer.

In this regard, the group constantly invests in research and development of new environmentally sustainable materials that fall under the “Global Recycle Standard” (GRS), the leading international standard for the sustainable production of textile products made from recycled materials.
C&G Kiel and Botto R.O. Interior have also obtained ICEA certification according to this standard.

Recycled fabrics & velvets

The Group is committed to creating products derived from natural or recycled raw materials that are themselves recyclable and reusable. Polyester products, such as velvets and fabrics, are made with ECO – SUSTAINABLE and HIGH-TECH yarn, which combines the characteristics of 100% recycled polyester yarn obtained from post-consumer plastic bottles with permanent fire-retardant properties.

The upholsteries made from recycled yarns:

They respond optimally to various treatments.

It is possible to carry out antibacterial, anti-stain, water and oil-repellent treatments with good results, without affecting the physical-mechanical properties.

They help reduce CO2 emissions by 32%.

They offer a resistance up to 80N for the Annex A test, according to the EN 45545-2 method

For example, velvets tolerate up to 200,000 Martindale cycles, according to the UNI EN ISO 12947-2:2017 method

While guaranteeing the same performance and the same level of quality as virgin yarn, they contribute to significantly reducing CO2 emissions (-32%) which affect global warming and also allow water savings of -94% and energy savings of -60%


Material recycling & vehicle fleet refurbishment

Over the past year, the Group has heavily invested in circularity.
Research has led to the possibility of using interiors already in use on rolling stock, otherwise destined for landfill, as raw material for the creation of new components.

Management System ISO 14001 certified

C&G Kiel Italy adopts an environmental management system, certified according to the standard ISO 14001, which monitors the environmental impacts of its activities and seek improvement in a coherent and effective manner.

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