Corporate and etich vision

Men and Women behind our successes

We build our leadership on the passion, determination, commitment, talent, expertise and team spirit of our managers, mechanics, employees, engineers.

as the most important asset

C&G Kiel Italia provides its services and expertise not only to its customers but also to the entire Kiel Group. The Company bases its culture on ethically and socially responsible behaviours, placing them at the basis of its economic, social, and environmental growth. The Code of Ethics demonstrates our commitment to pursuing the highest levels of ethical conduct in realising the company mission by identifying operational standards and behavioural rules, in compliance with the prevention of crimes included in Legislative Decree 231/2001.

We share and recognize as fundamental values the legality, confidentiality, honesty and correctness, enhancement and integrity of the person, customer care and satisfaction, value and responsibility creation towards the community and absolute transparency.

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