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Welcome to our website (the Site). Your privacy and the security of your personal data are very important to us, which is why we collect and manage your personal data with the utmost care and take specific measures to keep it secure. Below you will find our “Privacy policy” and “Cookie Policy” which contain detailed information regarding the processing of your personal data and the conditions relating to our services.

Who is the Data Controller?
C&G Kiel Italia S.r.l, Via Monticelli di sotto – Area PIP, 84085 – Mercato San Severino (SA), C.F.e P.. IVA: 05185900650 (abbreviated in this document as C&G Kiel Italia S.r.l ), is the Data Controller, i.e. the person who decides how and why to process your personal data. You can always contact C&G Kiel Italia S.r.l by writing to the above address, calling 089 890069 or writing to our Customer Service with the subject privacy”. è un progetto di C&G Kiel Italia.

Who is the Data Processor?
The Data Processor, who can be contacted to exercise the rights under Art. 12 of GDPR 2016/679 and/or for any clarifications on the protection of personal data, can be reached by sending an email to

What personal data do we collect?
The categories of personal data that collects and processes when you navigate or register on are as follows :

  • we collect the personal data necessary to complete and process your request on such as your first and last name, e-mail address, billing address, telephone number.
  • we collect your e-mail address when you subscribe to our newsletter service;
  • we process the personal data you provide when you contact our offices to provide you with the assistance you require;
  • With your consent, we collect and use your personal data for marketing purposes.

We collect information about your anonymous browsing on, such as which pages you visit and how you interact with the individual page, and save this information on our servers. Please note that does not process personal data relating to minors.
If you access and use the services offered by, you declare that you are at least 18 years of age.

How do we use the personal data collected?
C&G Kiel Italia collects and processes your personal data for the following purposes:
a) to conclude and execute requests for products and/or services offered on .
b) to register on the Site and use the services offered to registered users. The registration to the Site is possible through the insertion of some personal information, necessary to guarantee your identification and the performance of the services offered to registered users.
c) Provision of the services offered on To this end, C&G Kiel Italia needs to collect, in relation to each service and its characteristics, the personal data necessary to carry out the service you have requested.
d) management of requests to our offices, which use the personal data you provide to satisfy your requests for information and assistance.
e) Sending CVs. If you send us your CV in order to be considered for an application for an open position, we will use the information contained in your CV solely for that purpose. Your CV will be kept for a maximum period of six months, after which it will be deleted: you can of course send us a new, updated version if you wish.
f) analysis and statistical surveys. We use some information about your use of the Site to carry out statistical analysis and surveys in order to improve our offer and services;
g) sending commercial and promotional communications following the purchase of one of our products or services. We will send you, at the e-mail address you have provided, communications containing our commercial proposals on related products and services.
h) Subject to your express consent, we may use the contact details you have provided to communicate with you about our products and services, to keep you up to date with news, new arrivals, exclusive products, offers and promotions. We may also, with your consent, use your contact details for market research and satisfaction surveys in order to improve our services and our relationship with our users.

These communications will be made exclusively by the means you have chosen. If you would like to authorise the activities described in point h) and subsequently do not wish to receive any further communications from C&G Kiel Italia or would like to limit the way in which you are contacted, you can stop these communications at any time by simply clicking on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of each communication or by contacting C& G Kiel Italia by calling 089 890069 or by contacting our offices and indicating the subject line “privacy” or by writing to the appropriate
We inform you that you may receive further communications from us even after you have submitted your unsubscribe request, as some mailings may have already been scheduled, our systems may take some time to process your request. In relation to all of the above activities, we will process your personal data mainly by means of computerised and electronic tools; the tools we use guarantee high standards of security, in full compliance with current legislation.

Legal basis of the processing
We process your personal data only in the presence of one of the conditions provided for by the regulations in force, and specifically:

a) for the conclusion and performance of a contract to which you are party. When we process your data for the purpose of concluding a purchase contract to which you are a party, we take care to use only the minimum information necessary for its execution.
This basis legitimises the processing of personal data in the following activities:

  • Conclusion and execution of a contract for the purchase of products and/or services offered by C&G Kiel Italia;
  • provision of services offered on ;
  • management of your requests by our offices. The provision of your personal data for these activities is a contractual obligation.

You are free to provide us with your data or not, but without the required data we will not be able to conclude or implement the contract and your requests. This means that you will not be able to use the online services of and that C&G Kiel Italia will not be able to handle your requests;

b) to fulfil a legal obligation. If a contract for the purchase of goods and/or services is concluded on, your data will be processed in order to comply with C&G Kiel Italia’s legal obligations in accordance with tax and other regulations to which C&G Kiel Italia is subject. You are free to decide whether or not to conclude a contract and whether or not to provide us with your data, but if you do conclude a contract, your data will be necessary and will be processed in order to fulfil the aforementioned legal obligations of C&G Kiel Italia. The processing of spontaneously submitted CVs for the purpose of evaluating candidates for a possible job at C&G Kiel Italia is lawful insofar as it is expressly authorised by law, which specifies that in such cases the consent of the person to whom the personal data relates is not required. You are free to provide us with your CV, but without it we will not be able to evaluate your application for a job at C&G Kiel Italia;

c) on the basis of your consent we will only process the following data if you have given us your express consent:

  • carrying out marketing activities and opinion surveys and market research
  • analysis of your browsing habits in order to personalize your experience on our Site

Providing us with your personal data for these activities is completely optional. You are free to decide whether or not to provide us with your personal data for these purposes, but if you do not do so it will not be possible for C&G Kiel Italia to carry out marketing activities, opinion polls and market research, and to analyse your habits.

Who will process your data?
Your personal data will be processed by the internal staff of who are specifically trained and authorised to do so. Your personal data will also be transmitted to third parties that we use to provide our services; these parties have been properly selected and offer sufficient guarantees of compliance with the rules on the processing of personal data. These third parties have been appointed as data processors and carry out their activities according to the instructions of C&G Kiel Italia and under its control. The third parties in question belong to the following categories: bankers, internet providers, companies specialising in IT services, companies carrying out marketing activities and companies specialising in market research and data processing. Your data may be passed on to the police, judicial and administrative authorities, in accordance with the law, for the detection and prosecution of criminal offences, the prevention and protection against threats to public safety, to enable C&G Kiel Italia to ascertain, exercise or defend a right in court, as well as for other reasons connected with the protection of the rights and freedoms of others.

Transfer of data abroad
The management and storage of personal data will take place on the servers of the Data Controller and/or third party companies duly appointed as External Data Processors located within the European Union. Personal data may be transferred abroad, in accordance with the provisions of current legislation, including to countries outside the European Union. The transfer to non-EU countries, in addition to cases in which this is guaranteed by Adequacy Decisions of the Commission, shall be carried out in such a way as to provide appropriate and adequate guarantees in accordance with Articles 46 or 47 or 49 of the Regulation.

How long do we keep the data?
We keep your personal data for a limited period of time, which varies according to the type of activity that involves the processing of your personal data. After this period, your data will be permanently deleted or irreversibly anonymised. Your personal data is stored in accordance with the following terms and criteria:

  • data collected to conclude and execute contracts for goods or services provided by C&G Kiel Italia: until the conclusion of administrative-accounting formalities. Data related to invoicing will be stored for ten years from the date of invoicing
  • data collected in the context of the use of services offered by C&G Kiel Italia: these data are stored until the termination of the service or deletion at the request of the user;
  • data related to user requests to our offices: the data useful to assist you will be kept until your request is satisfied;
  • CV: for six months from receipt
  • Data provided for commercial communications, opinion polls and market research: until the user’s request to stop the activity, but no later than 2 years after the user’s last interaction of any kind with ;
  • data used to personalize the Site and to show personalized commercial offers: until the user asks for the termination of the activity and in any case within two years from the last interaction of any kind of the user with ;
  • data used for market research and satisfaction surveys: until the User requests the termination of the activity. In any case, for technical reasons, the cessation of processing and the consequent definitive cancellation or irreversible anonymisation of the relevant personal data will be definitive within thirty days of the terms indicated above.

Your rights
You may exercise your rights at any time with regard to the specific processing of your personal data by C&G Kiel Italia. Below you will find a general description of your rights and how to exercise them:

a) Access to and modification of your data: you have the right to access your personal data and to ask for it to be corrected, modified or supplemented with other information. If you wish, we will provide you with a copy of the data we hold about you.

b) Revoking your consent: you may revoke at any time a consent you have given for the processing of your personal data in relation to any activity with marketing purposes. In this regard, we would like to remind you that marketing activities include the sending of commercial and promotional communications, the conducting of market research and satisfaction surveys for the customisation of the website and commercial offers based on your interests. Once we have received your request, we will promptly stop processing your personal data based on your consent, while other processing operations or those based on other assumptions will continue to be carried out in full compliance with current legislation.

c) Object to the processing of your data: you have the right to object at any time to the processing of your personal data on the basis of a legitimate interest on our part, by explaining to us the reasons for your request; before granting your request, C&G Kiel Italia will have to assess the reasons for your request.

d) Deleting your data: in the cases provided for by the regulations in force, you can ask for your personal data to be deleted. Once we have received and examined your request, if it is legitimate, we will promptly stop processing and delete your personal data.

e) Request that the processing of your personal data be temporarily limited: in this case C&G Kiel Italia will continue to store your personal data but will not process them, unless you request otherwise and exceptions are provided for by law. You can obtain the restriction of processing when you contest the accuracy of your personal data, when the processing is unlawful but you object to the deletion of your data, when we no longer need your data but you need it to exercise your rights in court and when you object to the processing, during the period in which we evaluate the reasons for your request.

f) To request your personal data, we will not process it.

f) Requesting your data or transferring it to a party other than C&G Kiel Italia (“right to data portability”). You can request to receive your data that we process on the basis of your consent or on the basis of a contract with you in a standard format. If you wish, and where technically possible, we may, at your request, transfer your data directly to a third party specified by you. In order to exercise some of your rights described above, you may contact us by calling 089.890069 or by writing to our offices stating “privacy”, or by writing to the Data Controller’s address above.
In order to ensure that the data of our users are not violated or used illegally by third parties, before accepting your request to exercise one of the above-mentioned rights, we will ask you for some information to be sure of your identity.

Security measures
We protect your personal data with specific technical and organisational security measures aimed at preventing your personal data from being used unlawfully or fraudulently. In particular, we use security measures that guarantee: the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data as well as the resilience of the systems and services that process your data; the ability to restore your data in the event of a data breach. In addition, C&G Kiel Italia is committed to regularly testing, verifying and evaluating the effectiveness of technical and organisational measures in order to ensure continuous improvement in the security of processing.

If you believe that the processing of your personal data has been carried out unlawfully, you may lodge a complaint with one of the supervisory authorities responsible for ensuring compliance with the rules on the protection of personal data. In Italy, a complaint may be lodged with the Garante per la Protezione dei Dati Personali. More information on how to submit a complaint is available on the Garante’s website at

Modifications to this policy
The constant evolution of our services may lead to changes in the characteristics of the processing of your personal data described so far. Consequently, this privacy policy may be subject to changes and additions over time, which may also be necessary with regard to new legislation on the protection of personal data. We invite you, therefore, to periodically check its contents: where possible, we will try to promptly inform you of any changes made and their consequences. The updated version of the privacy policy will, in any case, be published on this page, indicating the date of its last update.

Legislative references and useful links
The processing of your personal data is carried out by C&G Kiel Italia in full compliance with the relevant regulations set out in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 general data protection regulation, the Italian data processing regulations and the provisions of the Italian supervisory authority (

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