Test and safety

Safe and reliablesolutions

C&G Kiel Italia seating systems are designed and tested in compliance with the strictest European norms in terms of passenger’ safety, ergonomics and structural elements.

High safety standards

The company, having complete control of the supply chain, can offer seating systems produced with innovative materials, with a reduced overall weight and made in Italy design subjected to both mechanical and fire resistance tests.

To this end, C&G Kiel Italia has entered a partnership with the Industrial Engineering Department of the University of Salerno and avails itself of the collaboration of the major accredited laboratories for tests on the fire-retardant properties of the seats and its components.

The Company has also invested resources and tools in the field of training, becoming a member both of AICQ for the application of the new European standards on fire-prevention and of UNI, actively participating in the decision-making processes for rules and standards application for the railway industry.

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