Our Commitmentto the Future

We are committed to a sustainable development model in ensuring a high level of protection for environment, human and territories in which it operates.
C&G Kiel Italia’s mission results in production processes optimisation program and in adopting the highest possible environmental requirements for innovative materials and products manufacturing.

Management System

C&G Kiel Italia adopts an environmental management system, certified in accordance with EN ISO 14001 that monitors the environmental impacts of its activities and seeks their improvement in a coherent and effective way.

Our care for the environment motivates us to constantly improve ourselves both through the sustainable use of natural resources and the development of innovative materials and products which are capable of being repaired and, at the end of their natural life cycle, being recycled into the basic elements.

In addition, with the development of lighter top-quality products, this benefits on both the economy and the environment, thanks to the lower fuel consumption of transport vehicles, which results in a reduction in CO2 emissions.

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