C&GKiel Protect

This innovative product physically destroy germs on surfaces in a permanent way.
The health and safety of passengers come first. That is why we developed a protection for passenger transport. C&G KIEL PROTECT creates an invisible ultra-thin amorphous glass coating, self-disinfecting, and antimicrobial with bactericidal and virucidal properties lasting at least 12 months.


We design and produce bus and train seating by the innovative Made in Italy design.
We always aim to offer top level of performance, aesthetics, durability, and safety.


The transport sector is a world in a continuous evolution which reflects social changing and its new needs. For this reason, we are investing a lot of resources into research and development of innovative seating technologies.

We are constantly devoted to creating new products concepts and designing flexible and customising solutions for our clients.


We develop seat systems tested according to the strictest European standards relating to passenger safety, ergonomics, and structural elements.

The complete control of supply chain allows us to offer made in Italy design seats produced with innovative materials, with a reduced overall weight subjected to rigorous mechanical and fire testing.

The Group

Since 1988 we design and manufacture innovative made in Italy designed seating systems for public rail and road transport. 
Quality is one of our strong points, moreover, we are a full member of Kiel group, leading European manufacturer in the market that is also active within large partnership, subsidiaries, joint venture, and international representations.


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