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The TREND seat system was developed specifically for rail vehicles in regional traffic.


  • fashionable design with many options
  • sturdy and durable elements
  • comfortable

TREND offers a variety of upholstery options so that each customer is able to accommodate his own ideas.

Assured comfort, modern design, light weight and stability are some of the features of this seat. Ergonomic cushions ensure a comfortable ride.

The Trend seat is made up of strong, durable elements, such as aluminum side panels. Handles and armrests are made of an aluminum element that can be, like all other metal parts, painted in various colors. The headrest is placed separately and can optionally be padded.


  • Backrest inclination of 14 ° (standard) or 12 ° (optional)
  • Single seat width of 420 mm or 450 mm
  • Different types of cushions
  • Seat available in different depths
  • Fireproof upholstery
  • Anti-vandalism equipment (Cut Protection System)
  • Armrests (line and patch profiles)
  • Folding table at the back
  • Newspaper Network
  • Several variants to fit the headrest cushion
  • Cup holder
  • Ashtray
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