Quality production

C&G Kiel Italia covers the entire production chain of complete seating systems for local, regional and tourist transport. Each product is made according to the strictest European standards, which respect man and the environment. All this was made possible using latest generation materials and machines that offer modular solutions, making more economic and ecological operations.

We distinguish ourselves from the other Group companies thanks to the comfort and “Italianness” of design, result of a careful research into fabrics and leathers. The technical department avails itself of the collaboration of master craftsmen who place their manual skills at the service of the most advanced technology. Our seating systems are, in fact, made with sartorial workmanship in perfect Made in Italy style.

of production processes

We implement tailor-made solutions using the most advanced technology. We use Gerber Technology’s innovative AccuMark® software to meet even the most demanding design and production requirements. In addition, we use AccuNest™ software that leverages powerful algorithms to analyse multiple nesting solutions and provide the one with maximum material usage.

This system considerably speeds up the markers creation process, reducing costs. We also exploit Gerber technology for cutting machines as we need precise and reliable cutting planes that allow us to accelerate delivery times.

For plotting and digitization solutions, instead, we use GERBERplotter and GERBERdigitizer two machines that integrate seamlessly with design software by accelerating workflow, reducing product development time, and promoting optimal productivity and profitability.

Technology in support of manual skills

We believe in technology as a value and as a growth engine for the future. However, we are firmly convinced that the manual skills of our master craftsmen are irreplaceable and priceless. Our method of operating demands us, in fact, putting leading-edge technology at the service of manual skills.

It is only thanks to craftsmanship that it is possible to create a top-quality Italian product. Our seating systems differ from those of the entire Group in tailoring and made in Italy design.

We produce our seats using the same manual skills that were used several generations ago, but in the knowledge and technique of today and tomorrow. We are ready to meet the challenges of the future, without forgetting the past.

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