C&G Kiel Italy

Italian excellence in the field of seating

Since 1988 we design and manufacture innovative made in Italy designed seating systems for public rail and road transport. We have always been aiming to offer top level of performance, aesthetics, durability, and safety. Quality is one of our strong points, moreover, we are a full member of Kiel group, leading European manufacturer in the market that is also active, within large partnership, subsidiaries, joint venture, and international representations.

C&G Kiel Italia Group

Kiel products are featured by advanced technologies, high quality materials, in compliance with the environmental regulations and the highest safety standards. That is why we have been heavily investing in R&D and in the control of the whole supply chain such as the acquisition of companies Botto.ro and C&C Poliuretani Italia, specialised in the design, manufacture and packaging of bus, aircraft, railway, and boat interior textiles and in the production of polyurethan foams, respectively.

Safety and Standardisation

We have been dedicating resources and operational entities to operating in full compliance with the strictest European regulations. In fact, we are a member of Italian Association Quality Culture (AICQ) and Italian Standards Organisation “UNI – Ente Italiano della Normazione”.
Our R&D department is constantly engaged in new products concepts design and new standards intended to a market that is continually aimed to improving. To this end, we rely on an important agreement for mechanical and fire testing with University of Salerno and accredited third-party laboratories such as LAPI, CSI and LS Fire.

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